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a group of people sitting next to each other with faces drawn on them
arrested development
made this at like 5am why is it accurate 😭😭
a woman with red hair sitting at a table in front of a golden box on it
Penelope Featherington
Bridgerton s3 | Polin | Penelope Featherington | Lady Whistledown | Nicola Coughlan
a yellow pony with pink hair and big eyes
Fluttershy ( Build-a-Bear Plush )
a black and white photo with the words, how can i describe my life to you?
the blonde pony has big eyes and is looking at something in front of her face
Applejack .° ༘🧡⋆🍎⋆🍏₊˚ෆ
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a drawing of fishing gear including a fish, reel and spool of thread
a close up of a cup of coffee with cinnamon on the top and in the middle
a rabbit holding a teddy bear on top of a pink and white card with an image of a dog in the background