What incredible eyes she has. 'The Girl with Big Eyes' Africa, Karo Tribe, Omo Valley © Steve Wallace


A young Sikh girl, Amritsar, India, during the annual procession of the Granth Sahib (the Sikh Sacred Book kept in the Golden Temple) around the city.

.Sourires du Monde

So beautiful ! INDIA , "This girl lived in Leh. She was a street seller who had the best smile and eyes one could wish for. Three weeks after this picture was taken the town had been devastated by floods." (c) Dennis Read.

Woman in Tarifa

(LIFE) Her eyes are so beautiful. I just love how the entire photo is filled with the bright orange drapes of her head cover and then you just go straight to the bright green of her eyes.


Mary Kuzmenkova is talented photographer,designer from Moscow. Check 10 Most Beautiful Examples For Portrait Photography By Mary Kuzmenkova