Potted shelves

in flower bed against house, pallet cabinet and then the ladder is great decor to stack pots DIY Shelves for Terraces and Backyards

ベランダの物干し事情と、最近のベランダガーデン の画像|Chairs and. ナチュラルなインテリアと雑貨と手作りと、日々のこと。

ベランダの物干し事情と、最近のベランダガーデン の画像|Chairs and. ナチュラルなインテリアと雑貨と手作りと、日々のこと。

床にウッドデッキではなくってタイルを引くなんて方法もあります。 ナチュラルな雑貨をたくさん飾って温かい雰囲気です。

Today we are going to talk about balcony decor ideas which can help you. The people who live in a small apartment with small balconies should maximize the use of balcony.


The small balcony – ideal outdoor retreat at home. A favorite spot for the whole family which is perfect for outdoor relaxation.


I love: screened-in porches, hammocks, ceiling fans. Thus, I love this. I want a hammock when we do a 3 season porch!

『オープンテラスは簡単にできる!』フランス流バルコニーアレンジ - Locari(ロカリ)




In city apartments, the balcony may be the only outdoor place where we can enjoy some fresh air. Give a cozy look to your balcony by adding couches, a small coffee table and a small garden. Try to pick colors that… Continue Reading →

Chairs and. ナチュラルなインテリアと雑貨と手作りと、日々のこと。

Chairs and. ナチュラルなインテリアと雑貨と手作りと、日々のこと。