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Do Mangoes Intensify Your High from Cannabis? - Mary Jane's Diary

Trying to find a way to intensify your high? There are tons of myths out there so it can be difficult to figure out...

Easy Cannabis Chocolate Fudge Recipe

33 reviews
10 minutes

Easy cannabis chocolate fudge recipe, takes only 10 minutes to prepare. Use small batch or regular batch for delicious, sweet, gluten-free edibles.

How to Make Weed Rice Krispie Treats [Edibles]

This is a krispie treat filled with rice; a vegan-friendly edible that’ll surely make you feel nice. Here’s how to make weed-infused rice krispie treats.

Recipes | Medical Cannabis | Harvest Medicine | Canada

Browse dozens of food recipes to make your cannabis medication taste delicious! Brought to you by Harvest Medicine.

Love Butter: Homemade Weed Lube Recipe (Updated 2020!)

This homemade weed lube recipe (kind of like Foria) is completely vegan, organic, and fun to make (and use!) All you need is a few simple ingredients and you're on your way to smokin' hot sex.

How to Make Homemade Cannabis Salve (CBD and/or THC)

48 reviews
1.5 hours

Learn how to make your own healing cannabis salve, using marijuana or hemp. It helps reduce inflammation, skin irritation, joint pain, psoriasis, & more!

Cannabis Infused Rice Crispy Treats

Use this step by step recipe to guide you in making weed infused rice crispy treats with medical marijuana.

How to Make Cannabis Caramel Popcorn [Edibles]

We love sharing our recipes for vegan friendly edibles made with love and carefully infused ingredients resulting in amazing vegan edibles. Get ethically lifted!

DIY Cannabis Topicals - Marijuana Lotion, Cannabis Salve Recipes!

26 reviews
20 minutes

You can make a quick cannabis lotion or marijuana salve using mango seed butter and a cannabis-infused, high oleic acid oil base with the essential oils of your choice - try it! At warmer room temperatures, this can be stored in a glass bottle for a more liquid shelf-stable cannabis lotion or cannabis massage oil, or it can be refrigerated to create a firm cannabis salve or ointment.

How to Make Cannabis Condensed Milk

3 simple steps to cannabis-infused condensed milk for vegans! A great ingredient for your baked goods to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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Cannacaps: Quick & Easy Cannabis Coconut Oil Capsules

These cannabis capsules (aka cannacaps) are an easy-to-dose and convenient way to use cannabis coconut oil. Make your own in just 15 minutes with this quick tutorial.

How to Make Weed Tea | Ethical Recipes for Vegan Edibles

This is a great way to consume cannabis without smoking it; A simple 3-step recipe on how to infuse your favorite tea with weed.

How To Make Cannabis Lotion, Creams, and Other Topicals

Cannabis creams, lotions, and topicals are perfect for precise applications. Learn how to make your own ointment and bask in this amazing plant's power.

How to make CBD oil and CBD salve at home

CBD oil is incredible but it can be expensive. Learn how to make your own CBD infused oil and CBD salve at home with this easy hemp recipe!

How to Make an Alcohol Free Cannabis Tincture

How to Make an Alcohol Free Cannabis Tincture: A glycerin tincture is a cost effective and safe way to medicate with cannabis. It's alcohol free, which is great for those who are sensitive to it. It's also entirely customizable, just like cannabis coconut oil. You can choose to use only sativa s…

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