This is Awesome!

A bit dramatic for a tiny house but above the bed would be awesome While it looks like a greenhouse, this coastal home in California, built by Mickey Muennig, has a removable window which helps keep the place cool.

Maybe not quite a tree house, but still a ridiculously cool idea! Join us in making your childhood dream a reality at

bamboo bridge next to the bamboo forest at the panchoran retreat in ubud, bali (indonesia), photo by linda garland of panchoran retreat, via their website

「屋根の上の人生」イランの奇妙な街 "Sar Agha Seyyed" の不思議な画像たち | DDN JAPAN


The mountain village of Masuleh in Iran. Houses are built into the mountain side. Some families are so poor in Iran that they had to start villages like this.

Awesome Fire Pit Swingset

maybe one day Awesome Fire Pit Swing Set. This is absolutely the best idea ever! Only I would grow a tree in the centre to create shade for summer, i already have the tree


Funny pictures about Wat Samphran temple. Oh, and cool pics about Wat Samphran temple. Also, Wat Samphran temple.

まさに隠れ家!?珊瑚礁の海に浮かぶ小さな一軒家レストランが話題に - IRORIO(イロリオ)

On a remote rock in Zanzibar - oh I wish! What began as a fisherman’s post off the coast of Michanvi Pingwe beach has become the location of one of Zanzibar’s most iconic seafood restaurants.