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1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo concept car by Bertone

vintageclassiccars: Ferruccio Lamborghini and his creation.- Wow.

I don't know why I like this picture of Ferruccio Lamborghini staring at a Miura in 1966 so much. Even he couldn't believe the audacity that was the Miura.

22089727_1802243309809202_4175847192547652007_n.jpg (750×938)

22089727_1802243309809202_4175847192547652007_n.jpg (750×938)

'65 Ford Mustang Fastback "Blizzard" :: Ringbrothers

Blizzard Mustang wins Goodguys 2014 Grundy Worldwide Insurance Muscle Machine of the Year - Ringbrothers

1965 Mosport (Eppie Wietzes, Craig Fisher, Ford Mustang Shelby GT350)

Eppie Wietzes / Craig Fisher - Shelby - Canadian Comstock Racing Team - Tom Payne / Walt Mackay - Shelby - Canadian Comstock Racing Team - 6 h Mosport 1965 - Non championship race

Mustang GT350 racing at Waterford Hills, MI 1968. From the George Watters Collection.

Mustang racing at Waterford Hills, MI From the George Watters Collection.

1966 Shelby Mustang GT350 Vintage Race Car FOR SALE

Learn more about 1966 Shelby Mustang Vintage Race Car on Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online.

Mustang Shelby GT: 1965-2011 |

Mustang Shelby GT: 1965-2011 |

1965 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 R

1965 - 1966 Ford Shelby Mustang R: gallery, full history and specifications

1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 R

British Columbia’s Tommy Hamilton is one of the great, unsung heroes of sports car racing. Hamilton began racing relatively late in life – by 1967 he was