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Deadpool and Clint Barton

Deadpool and Hawkeye well this puts a kink in things i have a dp board & a hawkeye board which do i put it in?

Hawkeye gets me.

Hawkeye gets me.<--to be honest this scene was painfully realistic <<< anything Clint says or does ever is relatable as heck

when-it-rains-it-snows: Three things: ONE - My best David Aja is err well I tried. Aha? TWO - (See what I did there?)

Kate Bishop Hawkeye << Excuse me, why are those skittles M&M's? << M&Ms are better tbh<<<<NO THEY ARE NOT. And they actually are skittles. they have the 'S' on them and they are the correct shape.

Kate Bishop :)

“I'm really having fun doing facial expression exercises on my favorite characters lately! Any suggestions for other characters to try?