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Taylor Swift.

anna ❄️

I& never been a huge Taylor Swift fan but I won tickets to see her off the radio about a year ago and in person she is absolutely STUNNING! Photos do NOT DO her justice!

Tangled Swift OH YEAH!!!

Tangled Swift OH YEAH! - Does this go on my Disney board or Taylor Swift board? Someone pleaseee make an animated movie about Tay Tay.

Taylor Swift's lips and shoes add a pop of color to her super cute look. #style

Taylor Swift from The Big Picture: Today's Hot Photos

January Celeb Sightings- Taylor Swift, dressed in all black with red booties was spotted making a stop into an antique shop with her parents in Los Angeles.

Taylor Swift.

I love a stripey top and red lip. People always say I look bit like Taylor Swift - I wish! i love it :)