Deep grey wrapping paper, black twine and a small stamped medallion make this Hudson Made Workers Soap ultra-masculine and sophisticated. Created by Hovard Design, Brooklyn.

Worker's Soap

Created by Hovard Design, Brooklyn, NYC. via "The Art of Branding" - exceptional examples of visual storytelling, compiled by COLORBOX Branding Studio.

Awesome Beer Label Designs

Dru Bru, an independent Seattle based brewery tasked me with developing the brand identity as well as designing their first product offering, a Mini Growler which is refillable. On the back of the Mini Growler there is an area to write the brew flavor and


Stranger & Stranger Christmas Absinthe January 2011 i 'Every year Stranger & Stranger sends out a stunning, limited edition custom designed bottle of liquor. This year, Absinthe made the cut, and the results are stunning.

etichette vino di design

Etichette di vini per ubriacarvi di creativita

hands of blue.Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Blue Hugs (Concept) by Timur Salikhov

Olive oil may just seem like another item you have in your kitchen cabinet, but why can’t it be more? Luxury Oil, designed by Idem Design, is a limited edition extra virgin olive oil created to add a bit of extravagance to the kitchen.

bear honey

Designed by Fresh Chicken , Russia. Honey hunters are people who gather honey from wild bee colonies. Designers of Fresh chicken agency t.

Botellas preciosas y prácticas con cristal macizo.Olive Oil by Jose Gourmet - Portugal

Portuguese Gourmet Brand Balances Work and Fun

Comincioli Numero Uno Olio Extravergine di Oliva Denocciolato

Numero Uno Denocciolato Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva 250ml

Comincioli Numero Uno Olio Extravergine di Oliva Denocciolato