The Tipping Point: Annual Report

brainstorming for book cover and layout // 2 colores, un audaz amarillo y un negro acompañante // The Tipping Point: Annual Report

Ultimate Infographics Pack on Behance - created via Wassim Awadallah. nice color palette and icons.

美食杂志设计 | 视觉中国

I am going to focus on the second article in this set. I really like the multiple-columned look. The multiple images definitely give the page a "cooking" feel.

Dwell - Coastal Cities Revisited

Layout design reference for an upcoming publication. Graphic design for 'Dwell - Coastal Cities Revisited' by Sidney Lim YX // Editorial design inspiration


Cover & Layout / Editorial / Folio Volumen on Behance


graphiclovedesign: Josep Puy // Transparent cover with pattern on

365  - 120x120 mm, 64 pages, self published zine

365 - mm, 64 pages, self published zine.similar mini portfolio?


by nakamuragraph


ganori not necessarily menu design, but an interesting layout for such nonetheless.

Headphones store by Martin Rus

Web design - Headphones store by Martin Rus

The Gurafiku archive of Japanese graphic design is a collection of visual research surveying the history of graphic design in Japan.

A Day With Water

this book with the simple visual narrative idea. the book use blue drawing with the sea wave shape and water drop idea through the whole book. as image show we can see the water idea using in each page form. the text format with sort column placement on t



Paisaje sensorial Exhibition / by Ursula Villalba.

Chinese notebook can use a bit of sprucing up. Maybe a clean paper bag and a printer can do just the trick.

dancyu 2014.3

Beautiful calligraphy adds character to the pages, as well as a nice use of warm colors, with a pastel twist in there that may feel uncharacteristic, but is nonetheless an interesting break.