London Fields Soap Company

London Fields Soap Company

I know it's soap, but there's something nice about the clean yet trippy quality of the labels. Agency: One Darnley Road Designer: Roisin McAvinney Client: London Fields Soap Company Type Of Work: Commercial Work Country: United Kingdom

Spicemode Foods #identity and #packaging by Isabela Rodrigues. Another awesome #2013 #toppin PD

Spicemode Foods extended pin identity packaging branding by team fav Isabela Rodrigues PD

お米のデザインが熱々!パッケージ/プロダクトデザインvol.31 参考になる優れたパッケージ/プロダクトデザインをご紹介

お米のデザインが熱々!パッケージ/プロダクトデザインvol.31 参考になる優れたパッケージ/プロダクトデザインをご紹介

Your daily packaging smile : ) PD

DIY Solar-Powered Bobbleheads - Ninja

DIY Solar-Powered Paper Bobbleheads come in a variety of cool character styles. would be a neat gift for a boy

Holy Cow Dairy (Student Project) - Designer: Benjamin Kranzusch on

Holy Cow Dairy (Student Project)

Holy Cow Dairy (Student Project) - Designer: Benjamin Kranzusch on…