Stencil Dying in Kyoto...via Hannah Nunn's blog

One hot Tuesday morning Beth, Natalie and I cycled to the edge of Kyoto to do a stencil dying workshop in a factory and school that.


japanese / fan / dance / travel / woman / shrine : maiko (apprentice geisha) kyoto, japan The maiko (apprentice geisha) Fukuya prepares to open the Reitaisai Hono Buyo Festival at the Heian Shrine. Dances were performed by four of Kyoto's five kaga

Japanese sash for kimono, Obi 帯

A sea green 帯- OBI (sash) of 千鳥- CHIDORI (plover) carrying billet doux ☆☆☆帯締- OBIJIME (string to hold obi) of 千鳥格子- CHIDORIGŌSHI (dogtooth check) pattern ☆☆☆帯留- OBIDÓME (ornamental sash clip) of kitties. Everything is sooo cawaii~♪

Suntory Museum of Art, Tokyo. Kosode: Haute Couture Kimonos of the Edo Period -Premiere Showing of the Matsuzakaya Kimono Museum Masterpieces. S).

Kosode (proto-kimono), early century, Japan - Katabira with design of pinks, brushwood fences and swallows in resist dyeing and embroidery on pale purple bast-fiber clothLate Edo PeriodMatsuzakaya Kimono Museum

“I was strolling through Kyoto on the way to Kiyomizu when, passing the Minamiza Theater, I saw all of the Maiko and Geiko of Gion Kobu were on their way to see Kabuki. So, I dropped the plan to go to.



Maiko front

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