Kaethe Butcher  From I Love Illustration

DIY Cupcake Holders

NANCY ZHANG 将插画照进现实的女子。 this is one of my favorite things i've ever seen

Fun exercise to practice illustration! Awesome idea, find photos you like from magazines then create an illustrated version.

Plaid Coat + Hat fashion sketch as part of Banana Republic Anna Karenina Collection

sketch Plaid Coat + Hat fashion sketch as part of Hannah Republic Anna Karenina Collection Love the use of a brush pen.

Norwegian Wood - Haruki Murakami - cover by renata inspired by a character from the book, Midori Kobayashi


Porque todos guardamos un alma guerrera. this artwork is very creative because it show a little tough girl who has a crown on her head and has a lion in her shadow, showing that she is king