I dunno why but arrows and feathers are on my mind for super cute tattoos

i love sketchy/drawn arrows~ [Arrow of Truth] ~ another pinner said Tattoo. An arrow is pulled back before flying forward, telling you that even though you are feeling down now, it's only because you are going to go far. Love to get an arrow tattoo

Bergenfield / by Sorbet Design

Elegancia y delicadeza a la hora Typography Front slanted // squared off designs // Bergenfield / by Sorbet Design

| Graphic layout. |

sewn- pattern play Poster graphic layout Graphic Design by Daniel Freytag. Beautiful single color graphic design using hot foil.

Girly Mexico Flyer:好きな色味いい。

Love the simple shapes and colors making such a complex pattern

Delicious Workshop - Hsu YiHua

"Hisashi Narita's 'Delicious Workshop'", 3 Poster, - Graphic Design by Yi-Hua Hsu (b.