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Canning Fresh Blueberries at Masala Farm | ZoëBakes | eat dessert first


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6 Secrets of Hot Water Bath Canning You Might Not Know

We’re canning, you’re canning, just about everyone is canning these days. And we think that’s pretty fantastic. But before you fill your kitchen with steaming-hot glass jars and pounds of tomatoes, we have a few insider tips that might just make your next canning session go a lot more smoothly. A few weeks ago, I had the extremely happy privilege of attending one of Marisa McClellan‘s canning classes during the tour for her recently released book, Food in Jars.

Oven canning can preserve dry goods for 20-30 years!

Oven canning preserves dry goods for years

by Self Reliant Network on Sunday, 4 March 2012 at 23:46 · I recently was introduced t the idea of Oven Canning by: Deb Shaded Deer Schorzman Sounded very interesting to me so I proceeded to do a little research via the internet. This was the most informative piece I found. I certainly think this is worth a try. I do agree that I would only use this method for dry goods. I always like when I can find a way to have an item last longer on the shelf and keeps rotation down. Which in the long…

Make Your Own Canned Pizza Sauce! An Oregon Cottage

Home Canned Pizza Sauce {from frozen or fresh tomatoes} | An Oregon Cottage

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A delicious pizza sauce adapted from Ball Blue Book's Seasoned Tomato Sauce (the adaptations do not involve ratios of fresh ingredients, only the cooking/straining method and the addition of dry spices, keeping it safe to can).

Beginners Guide to Canning Food Take a look at our guide to canning food, and preserve your summer bounty to enjoy in the months to come.

Beginner's Guide to Canning Food | GRIT

Take a look at our guide to canning food, and preserve your summer bounty to enjoy in the months to come.

Vegetable Beef Soup ready for canning - I like this better than freezing, less preplanning required.

Home Canning Vegetable Beef Soup

There is nothing like a hot bowl of homemade soup on a cold windy day. But sometimes you want the food but not all the mess. Solution: Can Your Own Soup!

Off Grid, Self-Sufficient, Montana Homestead Life: 13-26 January, 2013 - Vehicle Repairs, Birthdays, Dehydrating Food, New Books, and More...

13-26 January, 2013 - Vehicle Repairs, Birthdays, Dehydrating Food, New Books, and More...

It's been awhile since my last post. The only excuse I have is that we've been busy! I finished up my book The Beginner's Guide to Reloading Ammunition (With Space and Money Saving Tips for Apartment Dwellers and Those on a Budget). As part of the research I did some checking on reloading equipment availability and prices. Lee no longer makes the original Lee Loader for shot shells but they do make the Lee Load All. I thought it looked a little hokey but the reviews were very good on it so I…

How To Can Potatoes For Future Use. An excellent idea.

How To Can Potatoes For Long Term Storage…

Canning potatoes is an easy way to preserve this staple food for long term storage. Have you ever grown potatoes in your garden and wound up with more than you know what to do with? Have you ever seen potatoes sold in bulk and on sale at the grocery? and wished you could take advantage of the low prices? I've seen 50 pound boxes of potatoes on sale for $18.00. That works out to about 3.6 cents a pound. 50 pounds of potatoes will last the average family a LONG time, and probably would go bad…

100+ School Lunch Box Ideas
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100+ School Lunch Box Ideas

School Lunches can become a little boring at times to make for kids. Day by day we take a peek in the fridge and pantry and try to decide what to put into their lunch box that they might actually eat. Having a plan for what you're packing each day can be one of the keys to success. Being organized and creative are two elements that will be a big hit with your kids.

Water Bath canning cheat sheet

Water Bath Canning Cheat Sheet

Even if you’re just dipping your toe into home food preservation, you probably know there are several ways–freezing...

Crockpot apple butter- I've made this before and it's great (it's also makes the house smell wonderful).
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Canning Apple Butter Recipe: A Delicious Way Get Started

Canning apple butter recipe the easy way! Use your Crockpot to save time spent in the kitchen. Canning it is a snap, too! Learn more at

How to Use a Pressure Canner (a mini-series at The Prairie Homestead)

How to Use a Pressure Canner • The Prairie Homestead

Pressure canning isn't as scary as you've been lead to believe! Not only is it a simple skill to learn, it can save you hundreds of dollars each year!

Canning Chicken

Canning Chicken-Raw Pack!!!

I am sure you were just sitting there at home wondering how to keep chicken on your pantry shelf for years at a time and still be able to eat it at a second's notice, right? It is your lucky day! I have been so busy getting ready for Super Saturday, and will be for the next two weeks, I thought I would get my mind off things with a little canning lesson. I realize it takes a special person to even think about, let alone actually can their own meat. I was one of those people not too long ago…

Living off the grid, and ode to preserving! Amazing source for canning (and other self-preservation info!)

Living off the grid, and ode to preserving! Amazing source for canning (and other self-preservation info!)

Kitchen Kneads: How Long Will My Food Storage Last?
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Kitchen Kneads: How Long Will My Food Storage Last?

Easy Bread and Butter Pickles Recipe from @whiteonrice
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Bread and Butter Pickles Recipe Homemade Sweet Pickles Recipe

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Use a really crunchy cucumber to start. Either Persian or Japanese cucumbers. Or a good English cucumber if you can't find the other varieties. Personally, we rarely find good, crunchy "Pickling" cucumbers so we always pass on using them. But if you find or grow nice ones, they'd work great too. We let the cucumber slices sit out overnight covered in paper towels after salting them to help them dry out a bit more and develop a nice crunch. They may look a little too dried out in the morning…