travel jar. Good idea. I'd have to have one say Italy

This is actually a good idea. Have several mason jars labeled with the places you want to travel to someday and put a couple dollars or spare change in there once in a while!

Be king of the trail with these great tips! #PinUpLive

23 Simple And Essential Hiking Hacks

23 Simple And Essential Hiking Hacks! Make your own walking staff. Walking sticks help with stability and balance and are especially good for your knees and back on a long hike. Learn more tricks and you’ll be king of the trail.


I have to believe this is true. When I tell some people what I want to do, they talk to me like a lost child. I am not lost, I am just not tied to convention. Love this Tolkien quote

A must for any globetrotter. This bag, doubles as a packing cube and is light as a feather. Goes everywhere with me when I travel.

Packing Cube Backpack (Tri-Star/Western Flyer) - Use as an ultralight backpack or a travel packing cube - TOM BIHN

Copper at Istanbul's Grand Bazaar

Istanbul - Copper at the Grand Bazaar. The cevze is used to boil Turkish coffee. I would love to attend the Grand Bazaar!