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Inaluxe Artwork… clean, simple and flat designs. The bright and lively colors work well together to create an energetic feeling --geometric shapes used are visually intriguing.

Color Composition 2014 Calendar

I have the top left color composition print hanging in my living room. I love the colors and the texture and movement the strokes create. Moglea is an Iowa based letterpress design studio and I love their work and style.



カナダ トロントにある、パターンのデザインスタジオ BellPop が作るマッチ箱。 この前は ほっこりマッチ を収集し ...


Decorative Matches (Set of // NEW @ Lulu & Georgia // I know it may not have a lot do with design, but I am absolutely in love with the colors and geometric patterns.

Amazon | コスモテキスタイル 北欧の森オックスプリント AP41307 約110cm巾×50cm COL.2B | 布・生地 通販}

Amazon | コスモテキスタイル 北欧の森オックスプリント AP41307 約110cm巾×50cm COL.2B | 布・生地 通販}

画像 : 【ああっ! きれい!】幾何学模様 画像 まとめ【不思議】 - NAVER まとめ

"I love everything about this pattern! The colors are great, the pattern is intricate and lovely. I like the way the colors are distributed in such a way that it makes a graphic pattern look more organic.