When I buy a house, I shall have a tank with these suckers in it;)

Get inspired by the beauty of the its actually a piece of art called Underwater Flight, a fabric sculpture in Portland Airport by Sayuri Sasaki Hemann. I see life in as some of my biggest

Monterey Bay Aquarium.

take dilly to Monterey Bay Aquarium. Located on the Pacific Ocean Shoreline in Monterey, CA. The exhibits and views from the outside deck make it a memorable trip.

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Amazing idea … The Bonsai Aquarium . tree on green meadows, fish replacing birds … clever

Jellyfish slowly meander...watching them is so calming...but don't dance with the jellies!

watching them is so calming.but don't dance with the jellies!<< No, dancing with them is amazing.

The largest aquarium in the world, Atlanta, GA.

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, Georgia - the World's Largest Aquarium with more than million gallons of water housing more than animals of 500 different species. My favorite aquarium

#Shedd #Aquarium #Jellyfish exhibit.

The "Jellies" Exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium introduces you to jellyfish unlike any you've ever seen before

AquaDom at the Radisson Blu Hotel: 25 meters tall, containing 1,000,000 liters of seawater and over 1,500 fish

Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin’s Spectacular AquaDom. Meet the Radisson Hotel’s AquaDom, the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium filled with one-million liters of saltwater and houses thousands of fish.


I am entranced with aquatic life. The largest aquarium in the world is in Atlanta GA.


Steinhart Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California


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Snorkel in Jellyfish Lake. @ Eil Malk island in Palau. Because of the lack of predators, the jellyfish here do not sting.


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