Personal Identity for Sommelier @ ShockBlast. I like the stamps

Branding business card stamping and embossing. Looks definitely professional and allows you to interchange background of business card or packaging

Oh, Hello Friend! Creative new style of business card gives you contact info with a little pick-me-up

classy stationary system: interesting idea as I work on my design portfolio. Must remember for self-promo idea.

I like how the focus in branding is on the background rather than the logo. I can see myself remembering this business card because the it does not follow conventional white background style

The Oyster Inn. A brand design project still in progress by agency Special Group in cooperation with Katie Lockhart for The Oyster Inn, a New Zealand-based

Quirky And Humorous Messages On Business Cards For A Brand Agency

This is a good way to be remembered. Not every business card has compliments on the back! Quirky And Humorous Messages On Business Cards For A Brand Agency

きわ調整店 名刺

Same business card but arranging differently: i guess it's more interesting and people could have fun choosing which ones :D

大阪谷町にあるフレンチバル「Le Bon Marche(ル ボン マルシェ)」のショップカード。 家のような形、デザインがかわいい。 左)お昼のキッシュ専門店用 右)夜のフレンチ酒場用カード デザインは、大阪のデザイン事務所 balance の島田智之さんが手がけられています。 【参考】 ▶ Le Bon Marche ショップカード | balance

大阪のフランスバル「Le Bon Marche(ル ボン マルシェ)」のショップカード

Cool cards

Michaels Guide To Life is a project by Michael Pharaoh from New Zealand. This was a personal project, I wanted to create a guide to life containing all the good advice and things i've learnt in life so far. This was the outcome.