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What Spring Color Are You? Are you a pastel pink? You never know until you take this quiz!

Cherry tree in full bloom,Yoshino, Nara, Japan♫♫♥♥♫♫♥♥♫♥JML

Cherry tree in full bloom,Yoshino, Nara, Japan♫♫♥♥♫♫♥♥♫♥JML.By Artist Unknown.

【奇跡の一枚】自然が作り出す奇跡の雲!20選 | Amp.

Lenticular Clouds on Mount Fuji, Japan <> Lenticular clouds have been blamed for some UFO sightings. Betcha didn’t know that.

A tunnel of cherry trees in blossom at the point where the Kizu-ku, Uji, and Katsura Rivers join, in Kyoto, Japan

Yawata, Kyoto cherry blossom tunnel - from Asahi Shimbun helicopter, shooting Shigeko Sato.

一心行の大桜(熊本県阿蘇郡南阿蘇村中松) ※開花時期は毎年4月上旬ごろ。

一心行の大桜(熊本県阿蘇郡南阿蘇村中松) ※開花時期は毎年4月上旬ごろ。

なんと!凛々しい1本桜の大木!!うっうっ惚れました♡/Kamegamori-Bokuya, Iwate-Pref.

Tohoku Sakura Dream Road: 21 of the Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Northeastern Japan

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