Tsurushi bina* 雛のつるし飾り

Tsurushi-Bina (suspended Hina dolls), made to promote a child’s well-being. Also showing temari (embroidered balls).

Mexican Quilt :: temarichallenge, yahoo groups

Decorative balls and egg shapes beautifully covered in gorgeous colors and intriguing textures of thread.

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ラブリー ・ 手まり - くすびのおはなし

ラブリー ・ 手まり - くすびのおはなし


I took one of Barb Seuss wonderful temari class and this is the result. I still have the 20 sided temari to stitched, its marked and .

kumo temari: "wishing papers"—kind of

Based on "Wishing Papers," a pattern by Diana Vandervoort . All of the temari I've done so far divided the sphere into 8 sections;