Courtyard swimming pool in Taroudant, Morocco. The article has more stunning pictures of Taroudant homes, both interior and exterior.

Moroccan home

This non western room is inspired by an oriental design. The color scheme and the architecture of the room is very orientalism. I would feel very tranquil in this type of living room.

looks like a castle

Funny pictures about Awesome indoor tree. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome indoor tree. Also, Awesome indoor tree.


Dom Bosco Church by Carlos Alberto Naves in Brasilia, Brazil. The windows of the Dom Bosco Shrine are made of small squares of stained glass in 12 different shades of blue with dots of white

Victorian house's are SO pretty!!!! <3

I LOVE Victorian houses~ and the color of this one is stunningly beautiful! I LOVE Victorian houses~ and the color of this one is stunningly beautiful! I LOVE Victorian houses~ and the color of this one is stunningly beautiful!

blue tit's wings

Spain (perhaps Barcelona? Gorgeous stone facade with Art Nouveau swirls and a bit of Gaudi inspiration

Vakil Bathroom - Shiraz, IRAN

Hammam Vakil, Shiraz- Hammam-e Vakil is a beautiful 250 years (Zand period) old bathhouse turned into a museum iran

Isfahan, Iran | ....the Lotfollah Mosque, best example of the splendors of the Abassides.

Bringing in a bright white light from the upper left makes the room look huge! Complimenting the white with multiple shades of blue adds depth to the image. The further away from the white light, the darker the blue.

I don't like truth, ...EASTERN design office

Sheikh Lotf-allah’s Mosque - Isfahan - Iran (photo credit- Erfan Shoara) LIGHT IS EVERYTHING when considering a design. Try to imagine how the natural light will enhance your design, your layout, your colours.

it's neat that with cob we can make a bath any way we want <3

9 glorious tubs: Draw yourself a fantasy bath and stay a while

Magical bath room in a cob home. via Rebecca Jaeger. I am falling in love with Cob houses. - Dream Homes

myfotolog: Grand Hotel Ciudad de Mexico, © Radius feel as if they have the whole world / feel the whole world

Art 1908 Tiffany Stained-Glass Ceiling in Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico the-strange-case-of-mr-salad-monday

Like the look of the balconies, though they need arches. Tam thinks the idea of having a tall tree in the courtyard is kinda awesome (but probably just one). All the green and house helps transition between inside and outside. Brian really likes the railings.

El Fenn in the Medina of Marrakech is a luxury boutique riad hotel. El Fenn hotel in Marrakech offers stylish rooms & hip suites + a rooftop restaurant.