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Let's just take a moment to appreciate this dog snuggling her family's new puppy.

0711_2 2012年6月5日前後生まれ 黒柴の女の子です! ∪・ω・∪

Your little ears have a mind of their own, don't they? This is Zaffre at 5 weeks old.

Mmmm, they're gorgeous....but despite the shedding I don't have to look at my chows arse hole.

What a beautiful Shiba Inu family. These Shiba Inu puppies are too cute for words!

So doge. Much cute. Wow. #Shiba#doge#9gag @9gagmobile by 9gag

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A shiba who genuinely, truly wants to hear about every part of your day.

11 Shibas Who Would Please Like You To Go On

They don& always listen but when they do, they listen real good.

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