Tarai Boat ( Tub Boat ) River Cruise in Ogaki , Gifu , Japan. Reminds me of "Spirited Away".

Tarai Boat (Tub Boat) River Cruise in Ogaki, Gifu, Japan - Whoa this looks cool!

Shikotsu-ko in Hokkaido

絶景の湯宿 洞爺 湖畔亭 宿泊予約

Japanese card game 'Karuta' お正月は日本一かるたで日本を知る。 日本全国47都道府県が誇る「日本一」をかるたで。

Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten: Nipponichi Karuta (Japanese card - Purchase now to accumulate reedemable points!

There is something about Japanese home interior I love. Be it minimal or spacious or just the fact nothing blocks your way. All is done accordingly to flow...

This interior belongs to the Modern Japanese era. Interiors in this era have minimal styling and are usually very spacious. Ancient elements of design are incorporated into the styling of these rooms such as the sliding doors, dining setup and futons.

池波正太郎が愛でたおせち(Osechi), Japanese New Year food

Osechi ryōri is the traditional Japanese New Year’s cuisine. Osechi ryōri consists of several dozen elaborate dishes prepared in advance and served cold in layered lacquer boxes called jūbako.

Japanese paper lanterns, Chochin 提灯

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