Cover & Layout / Sophie Calle - Hacedores de Mundo on Behance I like this book, i like the simple way that the work has been laid out. This book is published professionaly.

Создание сайтов в Европе в TOP ЯНДЕКС #SEO

This infographic is very creative. I like how they used segmented pieces of food as pie charts. I also like the use of pastel colors.


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#graphic #design #editorial #printed #magazine

Magazine layout design created by Rita Matos. A compiling of abstract imagery supported by hand-generated overlapping typography and unique paper inserts.The colour palette is consistent throughout the design.

Colors Gold Stripes 耶

Cohesive graphic line. Love this use of patterns and design elements. // Image-Publication for the Art University of Linz Design: MOOI design Photography: Helga Traxler, Florian Voggeneder

Mixture of bright-color text and mono-channel graphics. weörs 100 #editorial #design #graphic

Mixture of bright-color text and mono-channel graphics. Potential creative direction - monochromatic graphics for a sense of the past and modern typography etc to signifies a more forward looking feel

花椿 7月号

Graphic Design - Graphic Design Ideas - 花椿 Graphic Design Ideas : – Picture : – Description 花椿 -Read More –

Japanese Bento Box Lunch お弁当

Grilled salted salmon bento box, featuring sides of pan-fried wieners, tamagoyaki, seasoned rice, and snap pea & mushroom saute