Sunrise Mount Fuji, Japan

Beautiful sunrise over Mount Fuji in Japan, by What a great travel destination. I made it to Japan traveling solo but Mt Fuji never looked like this.

Mt. Fuji, Japan

Fuji reflection - The reflection is also a left/right opposite -- so not a real photo.

Mt. Fuji from Hakone, Japan -- Take a boat trip around the lake.....wonderful scenery!

DAY 5 - Tokyo: A City Experience Mt. Fuji overlooking Lake Ashi near the resort town of Hakone, Japan

Burt Glinn Mount Fuji, Japan, 1961. Monks in early morning contemplation of Mount Fuji

\><\ Mount Fuji, Japan, 1961 by Burt Glinn. Monks in early morning contemplation of Mount Fuji

Mt. Fuji #japan #shizuoka

Fuji and Green tea farm, Japan. Daniels, you are so blessed to be able to not only see Mt Fuji anytime you want, but also GREEN TEA FARMS near you.

<3 Mount Fuji, Japan

Osorno Volcano is located in Los Lagos Region of Chile. It stands on the southeastern shore of Llanquihue Lake, Osorno Volcano is a symbol of the local landscape, and is noted for its similar appearance to Mount Fuji in Japan .

Mt. Fuji

Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan located on Honshu Island at feet. An active stratovolcano that last erupted in Mount Fuji lies about 62 miles south-west of Tokyo.