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It exhausts you. After a while, whoever you are, you just have to let go, and the river brings you home." —Joanne Harris // photo by Alisa Aiv

theswinginsixties: “ Computing, 1967 style. ”

Once upon a time, our computers and various technologies came in vibrant colors. It made sense at a time when computers were massive.

Yesterday was and we celebrated our lucky day by showing you some branded assets IRL around our office. Swipe through to see how we turned our favorite custom imagery into next-level products.

SR 猫柳本線

It's been announced that Sheena Ringo will release her new album "Hi Izuru Tokoro" on November comes about 5 and a half years since her last original album "Sanmon Gossip" w

Cosmetic Design, Product Photography, Comic

ハナエ「ハナエ 資生堂の企業文化誌『花椿』表紙抜擢 12/5より入手可能に」1枚目/3

ハナエ 資生堂の企業文化誌『花椿』表紙抜擢 12/5より入手可能に

Synchrodogs shoot for SHISEIDO 資生堂 (which is great news!) Enjoy all covers of Hanatsubaki magazine in 2015 shot by us!