Surreal but amazing ceramic sculture of a set of lungs.

Kate MacDowell - Canaries, 2008 - hand-built porcelain and florescent lights.

The Sound Sculptures of Martin Klimas

Le "sculture sonore" di Martin Klimas -

by Clemens Behr

We're happy to announce a huge outdoor installation by uprising german artist Clemens Behr during the STROKE.ARTFAIR German artist Clemens Behr uses th


Linda Brunker (b. is a sculptor from Dublin, Ireland. She says her work comes from "a place where art, science, nature, and the human spirit meet.

Night Sculture in Madrid by Antonio Lopez

Night Sculpture in Madrid by Antonio Lopez - for the Zen garden - I'd surround it with green ground cover


Xavier Veilhan Blue Man, I chose to pin this because I really liked the geometric shapes used to create the man but I'm not sure of the scale of the piece