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an open door in the middle of a dark mountain with white light coming from it
Nicolas Feldmeyer | After All 2 (2015) | Available for Sale | Artsy
a man standing in the middle of a tunnel with light coming from it's sides
Richard Serra: NJ-2, Rounds: Equal Weight, Unequal Measure, Rotate, Britannia Street, London, October 1, 2016–April 13, 2017 | Gagosian
a skateboarder is going down the side of a curved ramp with his board
Gallery of Investigating Architecture Through Sculpture - 17
black and white photograph of an empty room with light coming in from the ceiling,
Tonal by Mary Anne Chilton / 500px
an abstract painting with black and white paint on the wall, in front of a person's hand
two black and white paintings hanging on the wall next to each other in an empty room
an abstract painting with black and white lines in the middle, on top of a white background
Finally Finished III
Richard Serra Finally Finished III, 2018 1 color etching 74 1/2" x 59 1/2" (189.23 x 151.13 cm) Edition of 44
a black and white painting hanging on the wall
Finally Finished IV
Richard Serra Finally Finished IV, 2018 1 color etching 74 1/2" x 60" (189.23 x 152.40 cm) Edition of 44
people are walking around an art museum with large sculptures on the walls and in the center
Museo Guggenheim Bilbao - Últimas noticias de Museo Guggenheim Bilbao en El Correo | El Correo
two large metal sculptures in an empty room
Museum Voorlinden