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川瀬敏郎  Kawase Toshiro Official Homepage

川瀬敏郎 Kawase Toshiro Official Homepage

A Real Snowflake on Aspen Leaves.

It's a real snowflake! Karla Jean Booth of Real Snowflake Photography in Grand Lake, Colorado has truly exquisite photos. Snow is beginning to fall in the high country. Come try chasing snowflakes at the The Historic Rapids and Restaurant this winter!

Snowflake as viewed under a microscope

Microscopic picture of an actual snowflake--amazingly beautiful! If God cares enough to make every snowflake this beautiful can you imagine what He must want to do with you?

" I wouldn't trade places with Henry Ford or John Rockefeller for all their millions! And I wouldn't change places with a king: not for all his power and glory. I have my snowflakes!" - Wilson A. Bentley, Jericho, Vermont (1865-1931)

Wilson Alwyn Bentley ( 1865 – 1931 ) was the first to successfully photograph the structure of a snowflake.

Vermont Snowflakes-" Snowflake" Bentley Collection prints and collectibles.

Vermont Snowflakes is exclusively authorized by the Jericho Historical Society to design and distribute the official