1F 交誼廳 (桌椅參考) or B1 交誼區 (牆面參考)

i think it would be adorable to do something like this in a kitchen. have a chalkboard wall for kids, notes, to-do lists etc. add some cute lights and make a focal wall. probably on the side of the kitchen


why not make the branches more horizontal and wide, not as tall? and hang edison lights from the branches and LEDs woven on the branches?

window bar seating. Inspiration for you cafe, deli or bistro...

For working "heads down" in a studio -laptop bar facing the window

The Good Life Eatery, London

Lovely industrial style lighting / The Good Life Eatery / London - literally my favourite gluten free/vegetarian/vegan 'haunt' amazing juices and food


【ELLE gourmet】古民家とコーヒーと「カヤバベーカリー」|エル・オンライン