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business card for graphic designer sarah burvenich. nice simple design, easy to get the required information yet still visually pleasing. also a good idea to leave space for people to write on.

花のしごと 名刺デザイン ---------------- 花のしごと,這種說法太可愛了 <3

花のしごと 名刺デザイン ---------------- 花のしごと,這種說法太可愛了 <3

Black And White Laser Cut Business Card Design For An Architect

Minimalist design, a black and white colour palette and laser cutting come together to create a slick business card set made for an architectural studio.

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きわ調整店 名刺

Same business card but arranging differently: i guess it's more interesting and people could have fun choosing which ones :D

Laji Hair & Make logotype and neon paper business cards designed by UMA

New Brand Identity for Laji Hair & Make by UMA — BP&O