A blue sea slug tiny and dangerous

Glaucus atlanticus (commonly known as the sea swallow, blue angel, blue glaucus, blue dragon, blue sea slug and blue ocean slug). This little sea slug eats poisonous jellyfish and stores their venom for its personal use

Japanese carps -koi-

I will, one day, build and own a beautiful Koi pond. (Just make sure you don't put rocks on the bottom like in this photo! Your Koi will thank you for it.

Shimabara city is a famous for spring water, then the pond in "Shimeiso", 1,000 tons of water spring out in a day.「湧水庭園四明荘」屋敷内にある池は毎日1000㌧の水が湧き出ているとのことです。

Can't bring the ocean to your backyard? You could always set up a koi pond underneath your back porch.

Translucent fish!

Translucent Goby Fish, Egypt Photo – Tobias Friedrich Two tiny gobies, neither of which is any bigger than an inch in the water near Marsa Alam, Egypt

LOVE!!!!!!! Large Clown Striped Octopus Sculpture by Trevor Sinnock of Emergent Glassworks.

Large Clown Fish Striped Octopus Sculpture

Large Clown Fish Striped Octopus Sculpture by Trevor Sinnock of Emergent Glassworks . so it's glass art and not a real octopus in his hand.

Stunning portraits of Siamese fighting fish--a gallery of photographs by Visarute Angkatavanich. Red!

View the Stunning portraits of Siamese fighting fish photo gallery on Yahoo. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.

I shall call you squishy, and you shall be my squishy... (for Finding Nemo fanatics- yes I know it's not a jelly fish but still...)

Funny pictures about Tiny Octopus. Oh, and cool pics about Tiny Octopus. Also, Tiny Octopus photos.

Stunning New Portraits of Siamese Fighting Fish by Visarute Angkatavanich fish

Here are the most beautiful betta fish in the world. And betta fish known as the Siamese fighting fish and 'The Jewel of the Orient', they are rather.

Hey, I'm diggin the black light thing.....

Larval Leaf Scorpionfish (photograph by Chris Newbert, Minden Pictures). Lacking any other defense, many larval fish have adapted transparency as a method of camouflage—such as this tiny, see-through larval leaf scorpionfish in Hawaii.

Japanese goldfish 金魚

red, Kingyo-Sukui (goldfish scooping) is the classic play of the Japanese summer festival