Favorite Places & Spaces

an empty room with tatami mats in front of a pond and trees on the other side
Gepparou, Katsura-Rikyu, Kyoto, JAPAN
an empty room with trees in the background
Shoiken, Katsura-Rikyu, Kyoto, JAPAN
a small pond with rocks and trees in the water next to a building that has a wooden roof on it
Katsura-Rikyu, Kyoto, JAPAN
an empty courtyard in front of a building with large windows on each side and stone walkway leading up to it
Kasuien, kyoto, JAPAN
an old house sits on the edge of a lake
Shikinaen, Okinawa, JAPAN
an old building with wooden pillars and red tile on the roof is seen in this image
Shikinaen, Okinawa, JAPAN
there is a waterfall in the middle of some trees and plants on the side of the river
takachiho, Miyazaki, Japan