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Make your own kawaii roll cake in the microwave with this complete kit of tools for your kitchen. Roll cakes are extremely popular in Japan. Walk into any Japanese shopping center and you will find a backer selling roll cakes of various flavors and colors

Oreo Frogs  Package of Green Candy Melts Oreo Cookies Pretzels Red Candy for your tongue Green Sprinkles

Oreo Frog Treats recipe featured on DesktopCookbook. Ingredients for this Oreo Frog Treats recipe include Candy Eyes balls, Package of Green Candy Melts, Oreo Cookies, and Pretzels. Create your own online recipe box.

Next level: Japanese Jello Cubes.

日本人のおやつ♫(^ω^)(夏向き) Japanese sweets ~ bears. 白玉の熊

I don't know how they do this, but I wanna to discover how to make this Japanese sweets bears.

wagashi. japanese_sweets.

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日本人のごはん/おやつ♫(^ω^) Japanese meals/Sweets リラックマ食品シリーズ Rilakkuma Japanese food 生どら焼き, パンケーキ, おでん, カレー等

How cute are these Rilakkuma snacks?

Fruits and Cream Cake Roll (Japanese-style Swiss Roll)|ストライプ生地のフルーツロール

Fruits and Cream Cake Roll (Japanese-style Swiss Roll)|

Sausage egg flower toast


egg and sausage flower Not too sure about the greens or the toast.

Japanese Pattered Swiss Rolls

Going around the world here! Japanese Patterned Swiss Rolls by

和菓子 japanese sweets called wagashi

Eatable balls in the tranparent jelly-type sweets

Kimono Girl Koume-chan Character Bento Box (Japanese Kyaraben)|小梅ちゃんキャラ弁


I ♥ food This is really cool.but I will eat any and all rice! Kimono Girl Koume-chan Character Bento Box (Kyaraben in Japanese)|小梅ちゃんキャラ弁

Teddy Bear Sandwiches - too cute ^_^

Bear sandwich -- bite into the detached head of an innocent, cute bear and devour him piece by piece.

Japanese sweets titled "chick"

Japanese sweets titled "chick" would be good in marzipan

miffy cookies

Easter Rabbit cookies via Virgnie Jolie-The Happy Apple

Totoro macaron! --> cute Japanese blog


Totoro macaroons too cute to eat!