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Scrambled Eggs Recipe (With Video)
If you follow our scrambled eggs recipe, this breakfast classic is easy to make. The key is to move them gently in the pan so they don’t brown or get hard.
broccoli florets in a colander on a table
How to Use a Steamer Basket the Right Way
A steamer basket is an old-school kitchen tool that you should be using. It's the best way to steam everything from green beans and potatoes to shrimp. Here's how to use one and the best foods to steam in it.
green onions and white onions on a wooden plate next to a small bowl with chopped green onions
When to Use Chives vs. Green Onions in Your Cooking
Both are members of the onion family, but they're not the same. Experts share the differences between chives and green onions, and the best ways to use each in your cooking.
a white bowl filled with brown sugar on top of a white table next to a spoon
Brown Sugar vs. White Sugar: What's the Difference?
Comparing brown sugar vs white sugar, these two basic sweeteners are similar but can't always be substituted for each other. Learn what the differences are between brown sugar and white sugar, which is best for certain culinary uses, and if you can use brown sugar in place of white in recipes.
there is a coffee maker and cups on the counter
How to Clean a Coffee Maker (for a More Delicious Brew)
A properly cleaned coffee maker is the secret to a more refreshing and tasty cup of joe. Here's how to clean a coffee maker and pot without using any harsh chemicals, as recommended by experts.
four tomatoes on a cutting board with a knife
How to Cut a Tomato the Right Way
Learn how to cut a tomato into wedges or slices, including cutting small tomatoes and big heirlooms. Also, get expert advice on the right knife to use to cut a tomato, how to dice tomatoes, and when to deseed a tomato.
a bowl filled with mashed sweet potatoes on top of a green countertop next to a knife and fork
Carrot Puree
This easy carrot puree recipe needs only a sprinkling of salt and pepper to bring out the sweet and earthy flavors of carrots.
a stack of pancakes with butter and syrup on a plate
10 Cottage Cheese Recipes That Showcase Its Versatility
Our cottage cheese recipes show how many ways you can use this fresh cheese. It's great in sweet and savory dishes—try it in dips, omelets, kugel, cheesecake, and more.
a bowl filled with fruit sitting on top of a kitchen counter next to a sink
How to Store Mangoes the Right Way
Learn how to store mangoes, including why you need to store this tropical fruit differently depending on whether it is unripe or ripe. Also, expert-recommended tips for freezing mango for long-term storage, how to speed the ripening process, and how to enjoy every bite.
a plate with steak, potatoes and crackers on it
Compound Butter Recipe (With Video)
Compound butter can truly bring a steak dinner together. This one uses chives, thyme, and parsley, and can also be paired with fish, chicken, or vegetables.
two pieces of watermelon sitting next to each other on top of a white table
How to Eat Guava, a Favorite Tropical Fruit
Learn how to eat guava, including tips for cutting and serving the fruit and ways to use it. Also, how to choose a ripe guava, how to quickly ripen the fruit, and how to store it at home.
dragon fruit cut in half on a cutting board
How to Eat Dragon Fruit the Right Way
Find out how to eat dragon fruit, the tropical fruit with a spiky exterior and luscious, sweet interior. Learn how the different types of dragon fruit taste and the best way to slice or scoop the flesh to eat it. Also, when to use the fruit in recipes.
grapes are arranged on a cutting board ready to be cut
How to Store Grapes the Right Way
Learn how to store grapes, including when to wash them, how to wrap them and where to store them according to experts. Also, what to look for when buying grapes so they are fresher when you bring them home.
a bowl filled with food sitting on top of a counter
Tips for Baking With Silicone Bakeware, According to Pastry Chefs
Learn when and how to use silicone bakeware for your cakes, cookies, and other desserts, as well as for savory baking. Baking instructors share why they like these flexible pans so much and their tips for success. We also look at the cons of baking with silicone pans.
a white dish filled with green vegetables and topped with parmesan cheese
20 Gut Health Recipes Recommended by Registered Dietitians
From sauerkraut to chia seed pudding, homemade oat crackers, lentil salad, and apple and kale salad, registered dietitians share the best gut health recipes that feature probiotic, prebiotic, and fiber-rich foods to help feed a healthy gut.