25 Furniture Hacks that will make you think: Why didn’t I think of that?

DIY furniture hacks

bookcase made from bi-fold doors at My Repurposed Life -- great idea! I'm taking my bi-fold door off both closets soon and replacing with curtains; could use one set to make skinny bookcase for one side of bed instead of bedside table.

look: clothes rack

Rolling Clothes Rack In Laundromats: Rolling Clothes Rack Ideas ~ Bedroom Inspiration

Clothing rack

diy clothing rack designed by ana kraš, ksilofon is a clothing rack made in wood - oak dowels and plywood panels.

Galvanised galvanized pipe clothes racks and rails

Galvanised galvanized pipe clothes racks and rails - women's clothing retailers online, clothes fashion women, to clothes shop *ad

Illustration, Graphic Design, Writing on the walls at the Ace Hotel, FlexFit, Fun Decor, typography

Maybe in the office, art studio or the used book/game/comic store This a cool idea for art work in a space. If it is a temporary space for you, cover walls with white butcher paper, then go to town drawing.

The Ace Hotel, New York / Roman and Williams

Gallery of The Ace Hotel, New York / Roman and Williams - 7

Ace Hotel Lobby Bar, 20 West Street - Architect: Stonehill & Taylor Interiors: Roman and Williams

The lobby of the Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

ACE Hotel Portland

Ace Hotel, Portland {memory of a rainy late morning spent curled up in the left corner, talking with a friend and drinking a perfect Stumptown coffee. Thank you, Alex Calderwood for creating this place.

A guest room at the new Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles

The Stylish Ace Hotel Opens in Los Angeles

The Normann Copenhagen Toj Clothes Rack is $374

5 Favorites: Freestanding Clothes Rails