Different types of kimono:

Time, Place Occasion (TPO) Charts for wearing Kimono. Immortal Geisha has a good general chart, a good thread topic and a highly detailed chart. “Where do you want to go wearing your Kimono?” sourced from Shimazakura’s website.


Chart: This is the kimono girls wear for Coming of Age ceremony in Japan-parts are labeled in Japanese and in phonetic Japanese.


- Maiko old-Edo costume [full size / other charts] Maiko are Geisha apprentices. In Edo period, that mean they were young girls and their attire reflected their tender age (nowadays, Maiko are.


Traditional Kimono, Yukata, Geisha, Saris, Kimonos, Geishas, Saree, Sari, Kimono


Kabuki Costume, Japanese Kimono, Yukata, Kimonos, Kimono

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Kitsuke is the art of wearing kimono and kitsuke accessories are all the accessories needed to wear a kimono properly - Kitsuke Accessories by Qiu-Ling on DeviantArt

Kimono Japan, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Fashion, Japanese Art, Asian Fashion, Kimono Fabric, Kimono Style, Fabric Patterns, Dress Codes


- Merchant’s daughter old-Edo costume [full size / other charts] Edo period witnessed the rising of the merchant class.

NO.091 正絹 京友禅|成人式の振袖販売、振袖レンタルの京都きもの友禅

NO.091 正絹 京友禅|成人式の振袖販売、振袖レンタルの京都きもの友禅

[DUD] ベージュに桜 レトロ調古典柄振袖[写真]

[DUD] ベージュに桜 レトロ調古典柄振袖[写真]