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Marisela Wiltshire

Marisela Wiltshire
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*quietly ships deer cuties*<< * LOUDLY SHIPS DEER CUTIES*<<< This may be the fact that im obsessed with lotr but all i see is legolas and gimli<<<How do fangirls and fanboys ship stuff so easily?

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Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes with Gloria Steinem. Dorothy Pitman-Hughes, a civil rights and women's rights activist, saw her father nearly beaten to death by the KKK when she was a child.

These 30 Photos Proof That Moms are the purest form of comedy

These 30 Photos Proof That Moms are the purest form of comedy. Some of these are dirty but I thought you would laugh a lot.

Its beautiful.

Pan for me, but also asexual. I almost never want sex, and would be perfectly happy with someone our whole lives while never having sex of any kind.<<< We would be great friends I'm asexual and pan or bisexual I'm still deciding on that part

Be a badass. Be Hermione Granger.

Sorry for the cuss words but its kinda true even though i am not a big fan of Harry Potter<<<same except I'm am a big fan of HP