Paper Christmas Trees. I'm so making these in blues. (Above kitchen cabinets)

How to Make a Christmas Tree Out of Recycled Paper

Make DIY modern christmas trees to decorate for Holidays. Holidays crafts like crafting Christmas trees using paper, fabric, cones, jewelry, burlap and

Definitely going to do this! Because everything my kids do is important to me and this would be a great memory

Hand Print Christmas Tree- My kids made the handprint tree for Christmas it turned out cute. I wish i would have done the handprints in the opposite direction tho!


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Create a beautiful and unique package for small, lightweight gifts with this Christmas Tree Origami Gift Box. This simple tutorial will show you how to make an origami box in a matter of minutes.

Snowflake Patterns:

I will be needing lots of snowflake. If anyone would like to start making snowflakes for our VBS ICE Kingdom (In Christ Everlasting) I would love you forever.