The babe laughed a laugh that filled all the hollow spaces in the forest. As I fairy I smiled and helped carry it to the tree. Any abandoned or orphaned creatures we brought to our sanctuary. The head fairy, my mother, was the in charge and each fairy was

Tsukubai (stone washbasin), Shoren-in Temple, Kyoto Japan - 蹲踞 (つくばい), 青蓮院, 京都, 日本

a tukubai (water basin) the Shoren-in Temple (青蓮院), Kyoto Japan lotus flowers water lily

Garden of Komyozen-ji temple, Fukuoka, Japan 光明禅寺

Garden of Komyozen-ji temple, Fukuoka, Japan 光明禅寺 ~ all curved, flowing lines (nothing straight) .

lmmortalgod: Ice is blue

I feel as though this image speaks for itself. Imagery of such an amazing natural occurrence and the vibrant blues make for a great picture.

御射鹿池 Mishaka pond, Nagano, Japan #緑 #Green #reflection

life is very beautiful: Mishaka pond, Nagano, Japan via GANREF 静寂の終わり

Goshiki-numa 五色沼 in Fukushima, Japan此れが沼であると思う。空も沼(水面)も一体の様に見える。此処でも植物はもはや植物でなく、木の葉も水草も雲・霧霞の様に、影なる様を見せている。緑の葉が沼の水の色を透かしてるのがいいね。

Goshiki-numa, a cluster of five volcanic lakes at the foot of Mount Bandai, Fukushima, Japan 五色沼

Mystical Threshold by Intuitive Artist Joan Fullerton

Original art paintings gallery for 2018-02-18 -

【画像】海の奇跡、氷の宝石“ジュエリーアイス” 北海道・豊頃の十勝川河口 : 【2ch】コピペ情報局

Blue Ice Bubbles by Cheryl Baxter - Blue Ice Bubbles Photograph - Blue Ice Bubbles Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale