Japanese sweets / 朝の露

Japanese Sweets for Tea Ceremony (Agar Jelly) So many different designs. Beautifully made and precious looking, with gold flecks. Take pleasure in their existence, accept they won't be around forever!

Los japoneses son únicos en hacer de la comida auténticas obras de arte! Esto son dulces japoneses!

The attention to detail for this Hina Matsuri wagashi is just tsugoi 😱 How can anyone eat this though.

朝露みたい♡涼やかさNo.1の水信玄餅をお家で - Locari(ロカリ)


朝露みたい♡涼やかさNo.1の水信玄餅をお家で - Locari(ロカリ)

Green Tea Cheese Cake 抹茶チーズケーキ

Green tea cheese cake 抹茶チーズケーキ

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Japanese dry confectionery / cake design

From the front 'Fuuka' upper right 'Wakamatsu' upper left 'Ichiyo'


image craftsmanship ♡ delicate to make crowded the sweets is you are introduced in nice ♡ cute