Moden Japanese style space design.#Japan

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Japanese Architecture

2 (Interior) This is the interior of a Japanese home because of the Tatami floor and the use of the wood throughout the space.

Japanese Modern

"Coexistence in the dining room" between a husband and wife Japanese classic European (or vice versa). Always midpoints.

Japanese Style

How To Add Japanese Style To Your Home

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Barn Style Home Design by Japanese Architecture Firm | Modern House Designs

This awesome barn style home design is a unique workshop / home in Hamamatsu City by Japanese architecture firm Yukiharu Suzuki & Associates. This industrial-chic house has a “homey” twist.

デザインセンター 和室 新築・リフォームなど豊橋の家づくりなら株式会社レオック

This could be a neat design for the 'room' off the side of the main living room.

Traditional Japanese House Design with Stunning Forest

The pavilion, containing the largest rooms, stands open during the summer months. The dining room features a recessed floor beneath a table designed by the Longstreths and often used for traditional shabu-shabu, cooked in a Chinese copper ”hot pot.