Autumn-butterfly-embroidery-by yumiko higuchi

Autumn-butterfly-embroidery-by yumiko higuchi - i imagine this as a really pretty full knee length skirt with a think white or black waist ban.

Hydrangea macrophilla

Hydrangea macrophilla by yumiko higuchi. Check out her pins, especially of her own work.


Yumiko Higuchi Embroidery Art -Gallery- could be little portuguese-inspired/beachy guest gifts - (would make some pretty pin-cushions too!

pleasure garden

pattern 著書「WOOL STITCH」より 2014 - 著書「2色で楽しむ刺繍生活」より 2014 - butterfly 2013 - Crab 2013 - Flower pattern 2013 - pleasure garden embroidery 2013 - summer leaf 2013 - Flowers of the field 2013 - Winter.