Zodiac tea

Zodiac Tea

Packaging and branding for Zodiac - Polish assorted tea. "The design combines the Chinese zodiac wheel with traditional Polish paper-cuts." "The design combines the Chinese zodiac wheel with traditional Polish paper-cuts.

Shorf —  Istratova Alexandra


Shorf Cheese Packaging - Plenty of people are sold on a nice wheel of camembert without requiring any wrapper to entice them. For everyone else, Shorf Cheese packaging adds.

Tarax — Ken Cato Design Company (1970's)
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Item Tarax packaging / Ken Cato Design Company / « Recollection in Vintage Packaging

Pacharán Pamplonica, by Contrabriefing

Pacharán Pamplonica

Modern Package Design Contrabriefing, a designed studio from Spain created the package design for Pacharán Pamplonica. “ “Licores Baines reinvents the traditional world of its most famous liquor with.

Skeem candles

Skeem 2012 Holiday Printed Tapers

Cure body care

Cure Body Care

Dowling Duncan have designed the identity and packaging for Cure, a new body care company based in California

CEO detergent

Student Spotlight: CEO dishwashing detergent

CEO Dish Soap packaging by Vi Smykova, Nikita Petrov, Masha Solyankina and Roman Vlasov.

José Guizar, found in http://thethingswelike.org/scrollofolio

For the packaging of Mexico’s premium craft beer, Cerveceria Sagrada, Mexican designer Jose Guizar built a brand identity around the nation’s legendary luchadors enmascarado (masked wrestlers).

Jimmy's Iced Coffee, by Interabang

Ebullient Dairy Branding - Jimmys Iced Coffee Packaging was Designed with Old Style Charm and Cheer (GALLERY)

La Sirena Sauces  marnich.com  #packaging #design #graphic

Mostly people judge the quality of product with its unique packaging. As an ongoing part of our inspiration series today we present excellent examples of beautiful, attractive and communicative packaging design. Effective packaging design breaks away.