New 'Kimono Hime' style of wearing kimono

Not only do modern kimono warriors shun white undercollars & sox, they sometimes even layer on frilly Western pieces to add a little spice.

Kimono Tsujigahana

I think a purple obi would go pretty…compliment the stripe near bottom Kimono Tsujigahana

kimono -- hakama

This is a recollection of Asian traditional clothing and their evolution nowadays.

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I waaaant this...I'm too old for furisode but I'd wear it with shorter sleeves...

I waaaant this.I'm too old for furisode but I'd wear it with shorter sleeves.

“Kimono Times”, October, 2012 edition

tsmskimonoyokubo: “ thekimonogallery: “ “Kimono Times”, October, 2012 edition ” Wooo i like that Serpent Scale pattern obi!


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