bird card and stamp

This hand carved birdie stamp and a couple of cards that I stamped with it are up for sale at Jade's wonderful Craft Hope for Haiti shop, all proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders in Haiti. Photo by Lark Books

Rianne van der Waals: stempels

Now w two mornings of all the little ones in school, designing fabric and annie sloan are my next two big projects. DIY Fabric Stamping, by Rianne van der Waals

對半切開的奇異果,可以印不同顏色的 2 入橡皮擦印章組 ※ 此商品頁不包括印泥 正式蓋在重要的卡片上前,請先試蓋在隨便的紙上試看看哦! ※…

[Resale] multicolor press eraser of kiwi Hanko

[Resale] multicolor press eraser of kiwi Hanko - ako-japan GALLERY

Mizutama's Eraser Stamp Design Ideas - Japanese Craft Book

The book introduces the motifs for the eraser stamps. The eraser stamps can be made by carving the eraser surface. The book shows many different projects of eraser stamps and how to use them.

まだカエルの画像 | ART & CRAFT KOTORIの消しゴムはんこ

まだカエルの画像 | ART & CRAFT KOTORIの消しゴムはんこ

Doris Rubber Stamp

Are you interested in our Doris Bird Rubber Stamp? With our Handmade Bird rubber stamp you need look no further.