Makoto Itabashi

Makoto Itabashi

Makoto Itabashi
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Macchi M.67

Macchi Very Sleek float plane. Once flight was generally taken for granted the race for speed insued. Many such float planes were built for that purpose.

1964 Bertone Alfa Romeo Canguro

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VIDEO >>> The Swift Light.. Not only can you run off a mountain with this a rigid-wing lighweight glider.. You can also opt for the 4-stroke motor version.. so you can take off from a flat runway with as little as 50 meters.. Once you've caught your thermal and are heading upward.. the propeler folds up into an aerodynamic tail shape.. and you're off to gliding with the birds.. Awesome!

An Interview with Manfred Rhumer about flying the Swift Light Class 2 hang glider.