Makoto Itabashi

Makoto Itabashi

Makoto Itabashi
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Steampunk motor, yes

2002 Harley Davidson Rat Bike GN/JAP Grand Prix Classic Metal Motorcycles Kawasaki by Street Tuff Customs - Pipeburn - Purveyors of Cl.

Convair 990 Coronado. A first-generation high performance jetliner which was a Turbofan-powered derivative of the Turbojet-powered Convair 880. The major distinguishing feature of the 990 from the C880s are the distinctive "Kuchemann Carrots" at the end of the wing. I would've loved to see the Convair 990s in the air today with my other retro favorite, the Douglas DC-8.

American Airlines Convair 990 Coronado, a "stretched" version of their earlier produced in response to a request from American Airlines.

Macchi M.67

Macchi Very Sleek float plane. Once flight was generally taken for granted the race for speed insued. Many such float planes were built for that purpose.

October 7. 1933: Air France is inaugurated, after being formed by a merger of 5 French airlines.

The Air France Special Collection contains menus, mostly in French and English, given on flights from Paris to Los Angeles, and also from Buenos Aires to Paris. Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

Martin Mars - Coulson Air Tankers

Watching This Fire Retardant Drop Run Will Make You Queasy

1964 Bertone Alfa Romeo Canguro

Alfa Romeo Canguro Concept wallpapers - Free pictures of Alfa Romeo Canguro Concept for your desktop. HD wallpaper for backgrounds Alfa Romeo Canguro Concept car tuning Alfa Romeo Canguro Concept and concept car Alfa Romeo Canguro Concept wallpapers.