Cocoa Colony Chocolate packaging designed by Bravo (Singapore) -

Cocoa Colony

Great branding with real colonial feel. Reminds me a bit of Whiskey //Cocoa Colony Chocolate packaging designed by Bravo (Singapore)…

packaging - pure fragrance oils – 1509

These fragrance bottles, from HomeMade NYC, are so beautiful. Each glass bottle is hand-painted, and is filled with fragrance oils and a bud of bab…

カラー展開のパッケージが秀逸!パッケージ/プロダクトデザインvol.31 参考になる優れたデザインをご紹介

I love the typography and great colour palette used in the packaging for Fogal, a Swiss legwear and knitware company. Via: The Dieline

Beautiful typographic packaging from Etta + Billie who produce sustainable bath and body products using organic and natural ingredients.

All-natural and handmade, this scrub from exfoliating scrub bar from Etta Billie is super awesome! It exfoliates with sea salt and moisturizes with organic cocoa and shea butters for super-soft skin.