Almighty / Demian Conrad Design / "Almighty is a company specializing in interior design and home staging that needed a flexible and contemporary approach to its identity while still maintaining its classic traditions. We focused on the idea of decoration, and after some research we found an analogy between book covers and wallpaper. We set about creating a pattern of organic shapes using the Japanese technique of Suminagashi marbling" / #generative #analog

Demian Conrad Design: Almighty Identity / Branding / Brand Design / Interior Design / Home Staging / Business / Minimal / Minimalist / Black and White / Gray / Japanese Technique / Japanese Marbling / Suminagashi / Minimalism / Minimalistic / Japanese Des

GALLERY LETA - Daikoku Design Institute

GALLERY LETA - Daikoku Design Institute / design / logo / branding / stationery /business card / signature and type - beautiful, elegant and classy design Get Free Domain on cp.

新一代設計展 主視覺提案

Chinese Characters in Page Layouts and Business Cards -新一代設計展 主視覺提案

New Year card by Walter Marti, 1960

This New Year's card by Walter Marti reads (on the bottom) “Wishing you a happy I love the play on the typographic "bowls" in the numbers Check out this design, among others, in the Herb Lubalin Study Center's.


Gaslight Menus - Very well done! Gaslight is an American Brasserie in Boston's South End district. The menus incorporate the feel of a traditional brasserie with an American twist. Designed at Tank Design.